A touch of luxury is the thing that every homeowner wants to achieve in their homes. And there’s absolutely no reason why luxurious touches in the home can’t be done.

Opting for a piece or an ensemble of luxury furniture is the way to make a home feel extra special. While sumptuous living is usually associated with the word luxury, elements such as luxury furniture are something that can bring about an indulgent, elegant, and sumptuous look to a home.

A deeply-tufted round armchair

A chair is one of the easiest and quickest pieces of luxury furniture to add to a living room. The comfortable and distinctive shapes and fabric designs of luxury chairs help create an indulgent and luxurious seating to chat, read, or sit.

A deeply-tufted round armchair created from various upholstery fabrics easily transports a person seated on it. The cushy and posh velvets quickly provide a great and luxurious feel that can never be matched by ordinary cushioned chairs.

A very ornate Baroque-style upholstered dining chair

The ornate Baroque-style upholstered dining chair is a delight to look at and sit on during mealtimes. The gilded embellishments on the arms and legs of the chair signal luxury furniture. The gold-coloured carved ornamentation on the chair sends off an opulence vibe to any dining space of a home.

Gilded-framed mirrors

Gilded-framed mirrors are great additions to a luxury-styled living or bedroom. A living room using silk draperies can be further enhanced with the help of a perfectly placed mirror in a gilded frame.

Plush floor rugs and carpets

Nothing shouts extravagance than the sight of a deep plush floor rug under luxurious and lavish furniture. Visual appeal is readily enhanced with the bold or subtle patterns of plush floor rugs and carpets.

Ultra-modern dining table

Unexpected elements in dining table design are achieved by the ultra-modern concept. The row of lighted pedestals topped by a hefty glass creates a striking and elegant look to any dining space of a home.

Minimalist-style floor lamps

Lamps have been used as luxury home decors since time immemorial. Using baroque-style lamps creates an old-world luxurious vibe to rooms in the home. However, the minimalist-style floor lamps add contemporary but striking elegance to a living, dining, or bedroom of a home.

Opulent Baroque-style furniture

The details of Baroque-style furniture make any room look opulent and decadent. A formal living room setting is enhanced with the gilded opulence provided by the Baroque-style furnishings. The silk upholstery, the lines, and the abundant detailing of the furniture make the Baroque-style stand out in ages past until today.

Rococo-style Vanity set

A bedroom can be elevated to a new height of luxury with the rococo details of a vanity set. The lesser gilding, pale colour palette, and the decidedly floral motif are all rococo details that are often synonymously seen as a luxury style of furniture.

Art Deco sofa

Art Deco is a form of home decor in a past era that still works today. An Art Deco-themed sofa with lavish fringes, luxe upholstery, and plush fabrics convey luxury to any living room.


The bottom line


The varied forms of furniture styles and designs serve as an inspiration to any homeowner that wants to add luxury and elegance to his/her home. An impressive, but comfortable style is achieved using different types and kinds of luxury furnishings and decor. Contact us at Globe Interiors Gold Coast for more details.


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