Any garage door will function perfectly when all its electrical and mechanical parts operate harmoniously. The garage door’s performance will be decreased due to frequent use, friction among the moving components, and local climate conditions. Therefore, regular garage door maintenance is important to keep it in good working condition. To do this, you will need to have some basic knowledge about the mechanism of garage door and a basic understanding of handy tools. If you are not confident enough, it is good to consult with a professional company such as, garage door repair service in Newtown, Connecticut to deal with the garage door problems.

How to do garage door maintenance:

A garage door is unlike any other door in your house. It is a bulky and largest electronically operated equipment to be used as the main entrance to your home. It is a combination of mechanical and electrical components; they should be maintained and lubricated thoroughly. To do garage door maintenance, you should follow the user manual provided by the manufacturer. It will help you to get the required information about all the basic components and their working mechanism. The following are the basic tips and tricks to do the garage door maintenance.

Inspection of the garage door: You should take a close look at all the operating parts of the garage door. Inspect the garage door opener, chain, metal tracks, drive belt, chain-belt, electrical connections, and dents in panels, bearings, and rollers. You should look for any signs of wear and tear, rust on metal parts, premature signs of damages. If the garage door metal tracks are not properly aligned, you should use a carpenter’s scale to balance them in a straight line.

Lubrication of moving parts: All the moving garage door parts need a friction-free surface for smooth running. Using high-quality oil or any other lubricating spray is recommended by famous manufacturers. Don’t use the WD-40 grade oil for this purpose. It attracts dust and dirt which can cause to harden the wax and further damages. You should grease the metal tracks inside the roller shutter garage doors. Other components that need lubrication are rollers, chain, pulleys, screws, and hinges.

Reprogram garage door opener: Modern garage door operates with electric garage door openers which need to be reset and reprogrammed occasionally. A professional expert sets the default setting which is ideal for daily use. Do try to change the settings unless you know the operating instructions mentioned in the user manual.

Dents in garage door panels: Frequent use can cause dents on the panels. Steel and light-weight aluminum panels can get dents quickly and easily but it can be fixed with DIY techniques. Take a rubber hammer to remove the dents.

Garage door Ventilation: Garage can get quick cold during winter and hot in the summer season. You should install a ventilation fan to balance the humidity inside the garage. Another good choice is to install a freestanding exhaust fan in the window of the garage door. Here insulated garage doors help you to reduce energy cost. You can install polystyrene foam on the panels and rubber strips on the bottom of the garage door to save the heat and cold.

Bonus tips: Accumulated dust can cause rusting. You should wash the garage door occasionally to remove the rust. You can use mild household detergent to wash the aluminum and steel garage door panels. Extreme rust can be removed with the help of sandpaper. Rub the area thoroughly and apply a zinc-rich oil primer. Afterward, apply high-quality latex paint on the affected part.

Regular garage door maintenance can save your hundreds of dollars for the repairs. It is good to maintain the garage door to avoid costly repair and replacement. Major garage door problems like, garage door replacement, troubleshooting garage door opener, and broken garage door springs should be handled with the help of professionals. They have years of training and experience in managing all types of garage doors. You should hire a reputed and registered garage door repair company to handle your malfunctioned garage door.

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