Paying that extra 3% of the total sale price of a property is the thing that stops many people in Helensvale not to using a Helensvale real estate agency. While saving an extra 3% is what you may think would happen when you handle the real estate transaction, experts think it will cost you more.

Here’s why using a Helensvale real estate agency when you want to buy a home is advantageous:


Help in finding a perfect home

Contrary to popular belief, many sellers don’t want a widely publicised offering of their homes. Whatever the reason for this, the sure thing is that only real estate agents have the inside information about homes up for sale.

Often, the privacy of the sellers is the top reason for them not to widely advertise the sale of their homes. Working with a real estate agent helps gain access to these private home sales you might miss out on.


Their expert pricing

The training and experience of real estate agents enable them to set a price tag on a home on their first look and visit. This expert pricing extends to the value of the neighbourhood as well.

While diligently searching online can furnish you with information on various homes, you have no idea whether it is underpriced or overpriced. Using a real estate agent not only provides you with expert pricing guidance; it saves you time as well.

Touring houses can become a waste of time especially when many local home sales don’t meet your expectations. The best way to clinch the perfect home and deal is to work with a real estate agent that knows the local area.


They only offer you homes that meet your specifications

Knowing the ins and outs of houses and neighbourhoods allows real estate agents to offer you specific homes. For instance, knowing that one of your top home features is an extra room will make the agent look for one that has. This type of home matching will never show up on a web search, try as you might. A human agent is the professional you need for specific home needs.


Their expertise with local codes

Many people buy homes that can be converted into business addresses. This is especially true for properties near business areas. However, this will only happen if the city allows this. Hiring the services of a real estate agent enables you to know in advance whether the local zoning ordinances would allow it.

In the same way, zoning ordinances dictate whether a specific neighbourhood can add a bedroom or build a fence around the property. It is a less expensive headache to find these types of information from a real estate agent than finding out after you’ve bought the property.


Handles the paperwork

A lot of paperwork is involved when you purchase a property. This includes the signed counteroffer, written offer, and more. It can be a pretty tiresome task to keep track of all the paperwork involved.

A real estate agent can offer you a better way out of tackling all the paperwork. They are used with paperwork, making them your best guide in navigating through all the intricacies.


Purchasing a home or property is one if not the biggest, investment you make in your lifetime. And the smartest way to do it properly is to work with a real estate agent. Contact the top Helensvale real estate agency to know more.




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