Hello, I’m new to your online shop and I just want to ask if it is required to create an account to buy from your online store. Especially if I’m going to use the cart to buy multiple products.

Hi, thank you so much for visiting the online shop. Yes, we do require an account to buy from our store, especially online. It will be much easier as well to use the cart when buying items so the account will be a great help for your shopping too.\

I’ve been visiting your online website a few times already but I prefer to buy personally from your shop. Do you have any store near Milwaukee?

We appreciate you visiting our site a few times and for thinking about buying from us personally. Yes, we do have a branch in Milwaukee so please refer to the location section of this website for further details about it. We hope to see you there soon, thank you.

Does the shipping costs too much? Or is there some free shipping you promote?

We do have a shipping fee, especially to those areas which are far from our stores. But we do occasionally promote free shipping as well, mostly when we celebrate something or if it is a holiday so please look forward to it and make sure to buy from us when that time comes.

Can I meet the staff of The Wood Shed personally regarding the designs I would like to request? How and where?

Yes, you may definitely meet our staff as well and the designers of our company. To do so, just message us through our emails and ask for schedules and appointments for the meeting. We actually prefer meeting personally for better details about the items and designs of the products.