Amish Buggy 

The Woodshed Amish Furniture in Wisconsin

Map to the Woodsheds in Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Map to Amish Furniture in Wisconsin at Augusta Wisconsin

There is a Amish Furniture Woodshed within 3 hours or less from most places in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, eastern Minnesota, northern Illinois, including Chicago and north and eastern Iowa. The drive is worth the trip in values.

 Amish Tours are available in Augusta. 

Wisconsin Map to the Woodshed Home of the Amish

Amish Buggies and modern automobiles share our country roads.  Please drive especially carefully when mounting hills and rounding corners on our Wisconsin country roads, there may be an Amish buggy just out of site.

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Wisconsin is occasionally misspelled as Wesconsin, Wesconsen, Westconsin, Wisconsen or Westconsen, Wiscoinsin, Wescoinsin, Wiscoinsen, Wescoinsen, or Wiesconsen.


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