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The Woodshed Amish Furniture in Wisconsin

Caring for Your Amish Furniture from the Woodshed

By regularly following a few simple guide lines for your Amish Furniture from the Woodshed it will provide you with years of beauty and service - it can become a Woodshed Heirloom. 

  • Dust your Amish Furniture frequently with a soft, damp cloth.  Wipe away any spilled liquids immediately.
    Protect your finish by using felt or cloth padding under all accessories.

  • Be careful when using alcohol or acetone based products like perfume and nail polish remover. These can permanently mar your Amish Furniture finish.

  • Do not use polish containing silicone as it will artificially raise the sheen on your Amish furniture beyond the level that is intended by the Amish craftsmen. The silicones will eventually work into the finish and dry out the wood, making the finish cloudy and difficult to repair or refinish if necessary.

  • At least every two months, apply lemon oil to your Amish furniture to beautify and help protect the wood from drying and cracking. Put a small quantity of oil on a soft, lint free cloth and spread over the entire wood surface. Wipe dry with a clean cloth until the finish shines.
    Apply the lemon oil in a similar manner to shelves and other interior surfaces too.

  • Do not expose your Amish furniture to strong sunlight.  Minimize extended exposure to strong artificial or constant light too.

  • Keep your furniture away from radiators, heating ducts, fireplaces and any warm or cold extreme drafts.

  • Do not store table leaves or separate pieces in environments such as damp basements where the environment varies from where the furniture is kept.  This can cause the pieces to warp; to not match when you wish to use the pieces.

  • All wood furniture naturally expands and contracts with variations in temperature and humidly; it happens even to antiques and heirlooms hundreds of years old.  Extreme environmental variations can cause separation of joints and seams or cracking of the wood. Keeping your home temperature and humidity within a narrow variation minimizes these effects.

With good care, over the years, your Amish Furniture will develop its own patina; its own character of highlights and shades - it will develop its own unique personality and beauty and become a Woodshed Heirloom .

Need help with maintaining or repairing your furniture purchased at the Woodshed? Give us a call at our main store at 715-286-5404

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