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The Wood Shed | about us

The Wood Shed was created years and years ago by an artisan crafter who loves to craft and make furniture than anything else. As a crafter, he pursued what he really loved to do and what his passion is, making him do service for other people who loved his works as well. He never thought of creating a business even when he was a kid because all he wanted to do is this hobby of his. And that is crafting, furniture making, and more. Some are very interested with his skills that they hired him to create something for them, most of these men are awed because even at such a young age, he already knew how to use these skills for the benefit of himself and for other people as well.

When he grew older, the thought of making his passion a real profession often came to his mind, and of course, since he loved doing this, and his parents supported him more than ever, he did pursue what he wanted. He learned more about craftsmanship, furniture, designing, and more. After studying, more people came to him as he was one of the best people who studied craftsmanship in their place.

Doing a business occurred to him that time, and that was when he actually thought of creating one. He was never greedy about earning money or anything, but what he liked the most is the way he makes a lot of people joyous about his creations. Years after that, The Wood Shed was built and was ran by the owner who was more than glad about working and managing this company. Now, the store has more than 5 branches all over the world and we expect him to build more and more to spread the skills, not just of the owner but the skills and greatness of his employees too.