Welcome to The Wood Shed

The Wood Shed

Welcome to The Wood Shed, a place where you can find the perfect wood furniture made just for you!

Have you ever looked for the best woodcrafts, furniture, antiques, and decorations for your house? Or perhaps, would you like to replace your old things with something new and unique that goes well with your preferences? Are you tired of going to different shops just to look for best-seller furniture? Well, if you are, then you came to the right website because The Wood Shed is here to provide you the best quality woodcrafts, furniture, and decorations you could find.

First of all, we would like to thank A1 Garage Doors in Milwaukee for making it possible for us to secure our very first shop. Now, these garages we occupied before were turned into something else, something better with the help of their services, and of course, with the help of our own products. We believe that not just our garages will be much better, but yours as well if you will just trust and rely on us. The Wood Shed will definitely be here to give you what you have been wanting for a very long time and make your dream furniture happen.

We, The Wood Shed proudly present our craftsmanship and the furniture we make that is available for everyone. Our group welcomes every client who would like to buy from us. The designs available can be seen in the ‘shop’ section of this website. Prices and details about the items or products will be given as well. We are very sharp at giving the sizes, shapes, colors, and other characteristics of the products so you will really see and have an idea what it looks like. If you want, you can buy immediately on this site just by clicking the word ‘cart’ and visiting it later. You may also buy tons of items while paying for it all together by checking the cart and purchasing the items you’ve put there.

If you don’t find any designs you like, just as we said, we make furniture and other things for you so feel free to message us about what and how you’d like it to be. Just contact us using the email that is given in the contact section and tell us anything regarding these orders. Feel free to visit us in our shop personally as well at Madison, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota; and Green Bay Wisconsin. You may see further details by clicking the locations on our site. If you do visit us, you may also request for your own designs and we will gladly do it for you. Be it furniture, decorations, woodcrafts, and more, we are more than ready to sketch what is on your mind and use our skills in craftsmanship to create in for all of you.

Again, don’t forget to message us for your requests and questions and we’ll make sure to respond as soon as possible. Visit us more often and shop from us, thank you.